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About the Chest-Q

For several years quarterbacks have been training with aids and tools that isolate or activate specific muscle groups that improve the throwing mechanics of a football.  Holding a towel or sock under a QBs non-throwing arm has worked for decades.  Some coaches find hold a weighted object intheir non-throwing hand stabilizes balance through specific muscle activation.  Steve Gregory's Chest-Q takes it a step further by addressing decreasing wasted motion, increasing balance and power.  The Chest-Q isn't flimsy like other copy-cat designs.  It is strong, durable and stable while correcting passing mechanics from the youth QB up to the powerful professional QB's.

Student Testimonials

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Detail Use of the Chest-Q

Fitting the Chest-Q to the QB student is the first important step of using it correctly.  After adjusting the chest-belt, arm-strap and power band according to the students size, the Chest-Q does the rest. The arm strap simple holds the non-throwing arm stable which forces specific mechanics to activate in a specific sequence. The QB's front foot begins to step smaller which helps the QB's weight transfer happen faster.  The pulling of the power band upward toward the non-throwing shoulder activates the hips and core rotation generating increased power. The power band is what makes the Chest-Q so much more than a simple towel in the non-throwing arm pit.

The Nation's Top quarterback trianing tool

The inventor of the CHEST-Q, (Steve Gregory), seen here unveiling his innovative QB training tool for the first time at the THSCA show in Houston, TX in  July, 2015. 

successful training with the chest-q

Illinois' 2017 top High School 8A quarterback, DRAKE DAVIS trained and trusted the Chest-Q technology to perfection. This 1st team All State selected student-athlete seen here training during his Sophomore year.

Illinois' 2015 number one High School ranked and current D1 scholarship quarterback, STEVEN FRANK working with his sequencing with his passing mechanics.

Two Time All State selection quarterback, DREW CLIPPERT, seen here before his junior year working on increasing his power with the Chest-Q.

Chest-Q training is now all over the country.  Youth quarterback in Hawaii, Trent Seaborn, seen here activating his core on every pass. They are getting "Q'd up" on the Island!

All American Youth quarterback Christopher Martin getting Q'd up with the Chest-Q in Georgia.